Fees for Service

Transport Rate Schedule

Ambulance Transportation

BLS Non-Emergency$290.00
ALS Non-Emergency$400.00
BLS Emergency $440.00
ALS Emergency$520.00
ALS-2 $775.00
ALS-SCT $890.00
All Mileage$11.25 per mile
Stand-By or Waiting Time$125.00 per hour or increment thereof *

In addition to Coastal’s primarily non-emergency inter-facility services, Coastal routinely renders ambulance services in response to facility requests that fall into the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) guidelines qualifying Coastal for reimbursement under the CMS code for ALS or BLS Emergency based on the “immediate response” criteria. The current CMS definition for Emergency is not based on “lights and sirens”, it is based on “immediate response”. Under this contract, Coastal will bill the ALS or BLS Emergency rates only when an immediate response is rendered following an inter-facility or 911 request and only when all other CMS criteria for this type of transport have been met.

Service Charges for Additional Personnel / Special Equipment

Stair Chair - Hydraulic Stretcher Use – Lift Assist $100 Additional Charge for each service / crew / equipment.

*There is a one-hour minimum charge for all wait time.

Note: The above rates are subject to change based on changes made by Medicare or by Coastal’s Ambulance Franchise Contract with Brevard County and will be automatically updated in Coastal’s billing database on the effective date of each change.

Above Rates Effective 10/01/15.