Code of Conduct

Coastal enjoys a solid reputation in our community for providing quality ambulance service to our patients and health care providers for the past 28 years. We attribute our excellent reputation to the ethical standards that our employees set forth in their day-to-day actions. Healthcare is a challenging field of endeavor, yet we know we must meet each challenge with the highest level of integrity and resolve, not with shortcuts or hedging on the core fundamental values and principles upon which this company was established in 1988.

We strive to practice with an ethical mind set in all we do. To assist in this endeavor we developed a set of guiding principles, “a code” that speaks to the philosophies by which we hold ourselves accountable.

Each employee receives a copy of ‘The Code” upon hire and a copy is framed and hangs in the hallway of our business as a reminder of how we must conduct ourselves each day.

Operational Code of Professional Conduct

The primary goal of Coastal Health Systems is to ensure that all employees provide competent, safe and ethical specialized transportation to the citizens of Brevard County. Coastal has developed this Code of Professional Conduct to define a set of professional standards that will augment the technical and clinical aspects of our duties. It is our expectation that all employees will fully observe the rules of professional conduct set out in “The Code.”

Principles of Ethical Behavior for all Employees

  • In dealing with our patients and other healthcare professionals, first impressions are important. Knowing this, I will project a positive image.
  • I will hold myself accountable in all areas of performance.
  • I am responsible to maintain the appearance of the vehicles, my uniforms, the building and anything that is associated with our service in a manner that projects a positive, professional image at all times.
  • I will respect the rights of patients, customers, and colleagues, refraining from engaging in conduct that exhibits bias against a person, or groups of persons on the account of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, or economic status.
  • I will recognize the skills and limitations of others and myself in the care, treatment and transport of the patient/customer and pledge to work with others as a team.
  • I will assume responsibility for personal and professional development.
  • I will remember that my attitude, integrity and professional performance will be what people notice and remember.
  • I will respect my co-workers by reporting to work in a timely manner as scheduled.
  • I will refrain from misusing time off such as reporting to work late, calling out from or failing to report to work.
  • I recognize that these actions place a hardship on my colleagues resulting in their potential loss of personal time off in order to replace me.
  • I will respect the confidentiality of all issues. Matters of privacy and confidentiality shall be held in the highest regard including patient, customer, colleague, and corporate information.
  • I will not impugn the reputation of any colleague by engaging in gossiping, rumor mongering, making disparaging or negative remarks, or any other form of vindictive behavior.
  • I will refrain from any misrepresentation of the truth, however blatant or subtle. All employees are expected to be truthful at all times.
  • I will recognize the right of every employee to work in an environment that is non-offensive and non-insulting. The use of profane words, phrases or gestures that are deemed offensive are prohibited under all circumstances.
  • I will respect and interact with the patients, their families, colleagues and the personnel at the facilities we serve in a professional and positive manner.

Responsibilities to the Patient/Customers

  • I will serve my patients/customers with integrity, competence and objectivity, using a professional approach at all times and placing the best interest of the patient/customer before all others. The well being of the patient/customer must be the primary concern.
  • I will protect and maintain the patient’s safety, dignity and privacy at all times.
  • I will provide care based on and in accordance with company policies and protocols established by our Medical Director. I will provide this care with respect for human dignity: never to exploit anyone for personal advantage.

Responsibilities of the Profession

  • I will conduct and present myself in such a manner so as to encourage and merit the respect of the public for employees of the specialized transportation profession.
  • I will represent and honor the profession with integrity and professionalism in relations with patients/ customers, colleagues and the general public, and maintain a strong devotion to public service and the advancement for specialized transportation.
  • I will work with students and trainees of their profession while in a clinical setting to provide a scholarly education in a non-threatening, supportive and helpful manner.
  • I will behave in a way beyond reproach and report any incompetent, illegal or unethical conduct by colleagues to appropriate management.