Patient’s Bill of Rights

Every patient Coastal transports has certain basic rights and is entitled to a level of service that reflects recognition of those rights. Furthermore, we expect our employees to present a professional, safety oriented and compassionate demeanor. At Coastal, Customer Service is just as important as providing excellent patient care.

All employees pledge that every patient that we provide service to as a minimum standard will:

Be treated with respect and courtesy, equally, without regard to race, religion, color, creed, national origin, ancestry, sex, physical handicap, age, social standing, sexual preference or marital status.

Be responded to promptly and receive the highest level of care possible within the scope of profession of the employee.

Be served with well maintained and properly functioning equipment, including the vehicles, stretchers and medical equipment.

Be provided with clean linen, blankets, mask and other supplies.

Receive professional and attentive service throughout the course of the call.