Repetitive Transport Patients

Repetitive Transport Patients

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Ambulance transports for medical procedures/treatments such as dialysis or radiation therapy patients with Medicare benefits require additional documentation regarding the patient’s medical condition that supports and substantiates the request for repetitive ambulance transports. This will include providing a detailed letter signed by the patient’s doctor explaining what the patient’s specific needs are that necessitate ambulance transportation.

It is good to note that a patient being bed confined and suffering weakness alone does not meet Medicare Criteria for medical necessity for ambulance transport. It would be helpful for your physician to include any chronic on-going health problems that would indicate transport by any other means to be contraindicated to the patient’s health.

An ambulance crew or supervisor may also be scheduled to meet with repetitive ambulance transport patients to conduct an assessment. During the assessment the crew will simply meet with the patient and family and conduct a brief interview discussing the patient’s medical history, mobility and activities of daily living to determine if the patient meets the criteria for repetitive ambulance transport.

Some of the questions asked are as follows:

  • When was the last time the patient was out of bed?
  • Does the patient own a hospital or medical bed?
  • Is the patient able to ambulate?
  • How does the patient get to and from medical appointments?
  • Is the patient on Oxygen?

By conducting these assessments and obtaining these letters of approval we work as a team to ensure that we are in compliance with Medicare regulations and that every opportunity is met to ensure that we can bill your insurance for services rendered.