Training and Education

Employee Training

Coastal believes that employees should have the opportunity to develop their professional and clinical skills. In order to provide an environment for this growth, the company provides numerous educational opportunities. Employees are encouraged in some cases, and required in other cases, to attend continuing education/training classes each year.

Courses presented to employees include but are not limited to: EMT and Paramedic Refresher programs, CPR re-certification, Infection Control and Blood borne Pathogens Training, Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Emergency Vehicle Operator’s Course (EVOC), and InterAct Driver Training.

Coastal maintains an on site training center well equipped with audio/visual aids and training apparatus such as labor/delivery, resuscitation and IV mannequins.

Community Based Training

Coastal looks for opportunities to participate in and provide education in the community. Since we are a community EMS partner, we regularly engage in multi-agency education and drills for disaster preparedness.

We are proud to offer classes, as requested, for relevant subject matters through our speaker’s bureau or through group trainings such as CPR or EVOC classes.