Advanced & Basic Life Support

Ambulance Division

Coastal provides both Advanced (ALS) and Basic (BLS) life support services 24/7, 365 days a year to the many hospitals, skilled nursing facilities and various other health care providers in Brevard, Indian River and Osceola Counties. Our entire fleet stands ready to provide consistent, high quality, patient centered care. Not only are we here for the day-to-day needs of our community, but during times of need, for mutual aid support to the Brevard County Fire Rescue Department and Emergency Operations Center.

All Paramedics and Emergency Medical Technicians work under the guidance of our Medical Director Dr. LeeAnne Martin-Lee as well as in accordance with the countywide medical protocols adopted by all EMS and Fire agencies in Brevard County.

As the exclusive interfacility non-emergency ambulance provider for the community, our role is as diverse as the patients we serve. From providing critical care transports for a Neonatal transport team to monitoring the vital signs and offering support for a Hospice patient, it is all about the connections we make, each day, each transport.

Basic Life Support (BLS)

BLS care is comprised of Emergency Medical Technicians who are certified in pre-hospital care, having qualifications and equipment to provide basic emergency care. Their capabilities include: monitoring vital signs, patient assessment, airway management, oxygen delivery, application of dressings and bandages, splinting of extremities, spinal immobilization and administering CPR.

Advanced Life Support (ALS)

ALS care is provided by Paramedics who are licensed in pre-hospital care, having qualifications and equipment to provide BLS capabilities as well as advanced airway management, cardiac monitoring and defibrillation, IV administration, administering of life saving medications and capable of handling severe medical emergencies.

Specialty Care Transports (SCT)

Patients who require specialized monitoring of IV medication drips, ventilators, balloon pumps, or Neonatal Intensive Care are transported by our paramedics and in some cases augmented with transport teams that include support staff such as respiratory therapists or nurses.

Pediatric Transports

Coastal has operational protocols for the treatment and transport of pediatric patients; the crews utilize pediatric specific spinal immobilization devices as well as specialized attachments that modify the ambulance stretcher for safe and effective transport. All ambulances are equipped to meet or exceed the state mandated requirements for pediatric equipment such as nebulizers, and intubation supplies. Last, but certainly not least, when feasible and prudent we will allow a parent to ride in the ambulance, as we understand how important it is for a parent to remain close to their child.

Long Distance Transports

Designed for any level of patient care whether transferring to a facility across state or returning home across the nation. The vehicles are equipped with oxygen, suction, ventilator, cardiac monitoring support and patient monitoring by a trained EMT, or Paramedic to assure patient comfort.


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