Infection Control

Infection Control- For Your Safety and Ours

We are faced with changing times that include issues more biological in nature. In an effort to help minimize risk associated with the spread of infection, Coastal employs standard infection control processes (biohazard waste bags, sharps containers and infection control cleaning solutions), in addition we have invested in portable biohazard decontamination equipment and have maintained a multiple-month inventory of specialized personal protective equipment (PPE) to ensure extended, full operations during a pandemic or other outbreak that may affect crew,facilities and supply chains. With this high level of self-sufficiency, Coastal can always be counted on to remain on duty, in service and a reliable component of the Emergency Operations Response Team.

Our Communication Center screens incoming requests for service for COVID-19 symptoms or other communicable diseases and will notify our ambulance crews to utilize their approved Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommended PPE as a precaution. All of our ambulances are normally equipped with this specialized PPE equipment and crews are trained and exercise proper donning and doffing procedures. Crews follow our established procedures for infectious and communicable disease for patient care, ambulance and equipment decontamination.

All equipment, including the ambulance, is sanitized and disposable supplies are discarded per CDC guidelines and infection prevention protocols. Each ambulance is equipped with a portable decontamination device which is used after each potential infection control transport (TB, Meningitis, COVID, and/or any other communicable disease).

We employ a designated Infection Control Officer who is responsible for the oversight of crew training, PPE inventory and procurement and serves as a 24/7 liaison between employees and medical facilities for exposure notification and follow up.


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