Mission Statement

Mission, Vision, Values

Mission Statement

It is our goal, as a community not-for-profit service organization, to provide expedient, reliable, cost-efficient ambulance service and specialized transportation to the citizens of Brevard County. In the pursuit of this goal, we pledge to furnish a superior, quality service, dedicated to the needs and demands of both the public and the local health care agencies.

We will strive to develop and promote a positive and rewarding work environment. As a team, we will inspire a professional, compassionate attitude, knowing that without each other, we would not succeed. The company shall draw its strength from the skill and dedication of its personnel and in turn, inspire the team to provide quality service of which all would be proud.

Vision Statement

Coastal’s vision is to deliver service in a manner that sets the standard for professional, compassionate, cost effective and safety oriented ambulance service. Through our employees, our peers, our students and our patients we understand that we are not making connections for a moment, Coastal makes connections for life.


Patient Centered Care
Compassionate/Dignified Services
Health and Safety Focused
Compliance Motivated
Educationally Driven