Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that billing and financial matters may weigh heavy on your mind or the minds of your family members as the medical issues that require ambulance transport may already be very expensive. To help make things right for you, our dedicated Billing Office staff has the expertise to assist you in virtually all aspects of insurance claims filing.

Coastal receives dozens of phone calls every day from patients and healthcare providers who have questions regarding ambulance services and health care charges. We are committed to providing prompt and accurate responses to your inquiries about your billing questions and concerns. Please always feel free to write, fax or call us with your questions. To continue to provide exceptional customer service and satisfactory response times to you when contacting our office by phone or email, please be sure to provide the patient name, the account/trip number and the phone number where we can contact you.

To assist in answering some of the more “Frequently Asked Questions” we have put together the following information. Please contact us if you have any further questions.