Frequently Asked Questions

To assist in answering some of the more “Frequently Asked Questions” we have put together the following information. Please contact us if you have any further questions.

We understand that billing and financial matters may weigh heavy on your mind or the minds of your family members as the medical issues that require ambulance transport may already be very expensive. To help make things right for you, our dedicated Billing Office staff has the expertise to assist you in virtually all aspects of insurance claims filing.

Coastal receives dozens of phone calls every day from patients and healthcare providers who have questions regarding ambulance services and health care charges. We are committed to providing prompt and accurate responses to your inquiries about your billing questions and concerns. Please always feel free to write, fax or call us with your questions. To continue to provide exceptional customer service and satisfactory response times to you when contacting our office by phone or email, please be sure to provide the patient name, the account/trip number and the phone number where we can contact you.

+ What are the Billing Office Hours, Address and Contact Number?

The Billing Office hours are Monday–Friday, 7:30am- 4:00 pm. You can reach us by phone at 321-632-5092 and our fax number is 321-633-8504. Healthcare providers can reach us during emergencies through the company’s 24 hr Dispatch Office at 321-631-1448. You can mail correspondence, and payments to us at:

Coastal Health Systems
POB 560750
Rockledge, FL 32956

+ Does Coastal Ambulance file insurance?

Coastal files all primary and secondary insurance claims for ambulance service that are medically necessary, except for the following:

– Out of State Medicaid
– No insurance will be filed for non-medical stretcher transports.

+ What if the insurance information was not given at the time of transport?

If the information is not obtained during your initial contact with our crews, you may write the information on the invoice you received and return it to our office or call us. We will need all the required information in order to file your claim correctly such as policy number, subscriber identification number, group number, insured name, complete mailing address and the telephone number for the insurance company. We will be available to you for assistance in completing these forms as needed.

+ How long does it take for my insurance company to pay?

Coastal Ambulance generally allows your insurance company 4-6 weeks to process your ambulance claim. If your claim has not been processed within that time frame, we ask that you contact your insurance company to find out the status of your claim and update the Billing Office so we can document your file accordingly.

+ How much time will Coastal allow me to pay my ambulance bill?

Coastal will allow you 90 days after the date of service to pay for your bill. If your bill has not been paid within the 90 days of service or insurance filing, it becomes eligible for collection assistance through a collection agency.

+ Why did my insurance company mail the check to me?

Some insurance companies operate through contracts and we are not able to contract with any of those companies except for Medicare/ Medicaid, but we will file the claim as a courtesy to the patient.

+ Can I make payments?

Yes, you can make reasonable weekly or monthly payments that have been pre-arranged with our Billing Office; however, you must be consistent with your payment. If you are unable to make a payment you must call us in advance because non-payment may cause your account to be subject to processing by a collection agency.

+ Do you offer discounts?

No, we do not offer any discounts on service rates. Certain aspects of our rate schedule is mandated by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and as a result we must always be in compliance with all anti-kick back and anti-fraud regulations.

+ Does Medicare pay for ambulance transports?

Yes, when a patient condition is such that the use of any other method of transportation is medically inadvisable. Transportation must be deemed reasonable and medically necessary.

+ What does Coastal need before Medicare can be filed?

Medicare Beneficiary Identifier (MBI) The Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015 (MACRA) requires CMS to remove Social Security Numbers (SSNs) from all Medicare cards by April 2019. A new randomly generated Medicare Beneficiary Identifier (MBI) will replace the SSN -based Health Insurance Claim Number on new Medicare cards for transactions like billing, eligibility status, and claim status.

EMS must have the patient’s authorization on file or the patient’s authorized representative, which is located on the back of our run reports.

+ Does Medicare pay this service in full?

If covered by Medicare, no, Medicare will only pay 80% of the approved amount. The patient or their supplemental insurance will be responsible for the balance or co-insurance amount

+ What if Medicare denies my claim? What options do I have?

Everyone has the option to appeal the claim within 120 days or 4 months from the denial date. There are two ways to appeal: 1) Medical Necessity form completed by the doctor and /or (2) a letter in writing from the patient. These are to be submitted to Medicare’s Appeal Department.

Appeals are mailed to:
First Coast Service Options
P.O. Box 2360
Jacksonville, FL 32231-0018

+ Does Coastal file supplemental insurance?

Yes, when giving your Medicare information, please let the representative know that you have a supplemental insurance policy as well. Also, provide us with your supplemental policy information such as policy number, group number and the mailing address.

+ What happens if there is an overpayment on my account?

We will promptly process the necessary paperwork for a refund.

+ How long does a refund take to receive?

Anywhere from 3-6 weeks, depending on who made the payment.

+ What if I do not have insurance?

We will gladly work with you in setting up a reasonable payment schedule.

+ What method of payment do you accept?

MasterCard, Visa, Discover, Money Orders, Checks, or Cash.

+ Where can I find information about Medicare?

+ Where can I find information about Medicaid?

+ I was transported under the Marchman or Baker Act Law. Why do I have to pay for my transport?

Please refer to Florida Statute for Transportation 394.462. We have provided this link for your ease of reference, specifically number 3 of this statute states the party responsible for payment for such transportation is the person receiving the transport:


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