Bariatric Services

Ambulance Division

Bariatric Services

“Bariatric” refers to the branch of medicine that deals with the cause, prevention and treatment of individuals who are overweight or obese. In 2006, Coastal recognized that this patient population had specific needs that were not being fully met and looked for a compassionate, safe, dignified, and professional transport solution.

Over the years Coastal has procured specialized bariatric equipment to outfit five ALS ambulances. Most of these units house the equipment on board and can respond to bariatric requests very quickly. In addition, we procured very specialized ramp and winch systems for safely moving and loading these patients. Crews have been thoroughly trained and see bariatric training and transports as a means to enhance the comfort level of the transport and experience for our patients, while reducing the potential risk and injury to them or our staff.

Coastal works in concert with the local EMS agencies, coordinating a timely response of our bariatric equipped units to augment their response to any bariatric 911 calls in the community.

Specialized Equipment

  • Bariatric Transfer Mats: allows for the smooth, efficient and safe movement of the patient from surface to surface.
  • Large Body Surface Board (LBS): Widens the stretcher top surface area, allowing for comfort and mobility.
  • Hydraulic Stretchers: Battery operated stretchers with 700lbs lift capability and 1200 lb sustainability.
  • Push/Pull Handles: Allows the transport crews to move the patient in lower stretcher positions, reducing the center of gravity producing a safer move for patient and crew.
  • Bariatric Ramping System: 1200 lb capacity metal ramp boarding platform accompanied with an electronic winch system with 2 ton pulling capacity to bring a patient on board with maximum ease, comfort and safety.
  • Bariatric Equalizing Abdominal Restraint- quickly attaches to the ambulance stretcher and is designed to support and stabilize the abdominal mass of the patient. This not only protects the patient, but also protects the crew from potential injuries. In addition, a stabilized patient feels secure, making the patient calm, which makes a better environment for patient care. The Bariatric Equalizing Abdominal Restraint has the ability to reduce a patient’s width by up to 6 inches, which could be the difference between the ability of getting a patient through a doorway or not.
  • HoverMatt/HoverJack- Patient Lift Transfer System- is an air transfer system used for bariatric patient transfers and repositioning. With this revolutionary system the mattress and the patient float on a cushion of air, at the same time the air is supporting the patient, the air is escaping from the perforations in the underside, and acting as a lubricant to reduce friction, which facilitates effortless transfers. Crewmembers can safely transfer the patient without the need for excessive lifting or straining.