Marchman and Baker Act Transports

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Marchman and Baker Act Transports

In addition to medical transportation, Coastal has also been the long-standing provider for Marchman and Baker Act services for the Brevard County Sheriff Office.

Florida Statute Chapters 394 (Baker Act) and Chapter 397 (Marchman Act) allow for each county to designate a single law enforcement agency (for Brevard County it is the Sheriff’s Office) within a county to take a person into custody upon the entry of an ex-parte order or the execution of a certificate for involuntary examination by a authorized professional and to transport that person to the nearest receiving facility for examination. The designated law enforcement agency may decline to transport the person to a receiving facility if:

The jurisdiction designated by the county has contracted on an annual basis with an emergency medical transport service or private ambulance transport company for transportation of persons to receiving facilities.

Coastal has been that specialized provider for Marchman and Baker Act patients for 28 years. Working with the multiple agencies such as law enforcement, mental healthcare providers, hospital emergency rooms, and skilled nursing facilities to ensure the safe, efficient and dignified transport of the Marchman and Baker Act patient.

Marchman Baker Act transports are part of our contracted services and are performance based; the crews pride themselves on responding to all calls with the same vigor and resolve.

Our crews have had crisis de-escalation, intervention and sensitivity training and understand that safety is imperative for the patient and the crew.


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